“Dziecko chce być dobre. Jeśli nie umie – naucz.
Jeśli nie wie – wytłumacz. Jeśli nie może – pomóż.”

Offer for children and infants

We invite you to see our detailed offer for children!
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Offer for adults

We invite you to see our offer for adults!
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About trainings and workshops

We invite you to see our training offer!
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About the Fund

If you have any questions regarding the classes in our Fund please contact us.
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About the Clinic

Non-public Psychological-Pedagogical Therapy Centre “WYSPA” 

Our Centre exists since January 2018 and since that moment it has been providing therapeutic care for Patients and their Families including but not limited to:

autism spectrum disorders, Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders,
Asperger syndrome, sensory processing disorders,
genetic syndromes speech and communication disorders,
ADHD, ADD auditory processing problems,
intellectual disabilities vision disorders
psychomotor retardation, with specific learning problems



WYSPA Centre offers FREE OF CHARGE therapy sessions within Early Childhood Intervention (ECI).

These are sessions for children who have not started their education in school yet and have AN ASSESSMENT WITH A REQUIREMENT FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD INTERVENTION.

An offer of lessons within ECI:

Psychological therapy Pedagogic therapy
Logopedic (Speech Therapy) / Neurologopedic therapy Hand therapy
Physiotherapy (Bobath approach, Faulty Postures Therapies, Osteopathy) Sensory Integration


All the therapies are lead by a team of skilled therapists. Our specialists, beside a systematic work with the Patient in the clinic room, also try to support the Parents in their Children’s pedagogic-therapeutic process. They do it by for example giving instructions for work at home, helping to choose the necessary equipment or suggesting other therapies or specialist consultations. All of that in order to improve, hand in hand with you, the functioning of a Little Human.

If you have any questions regarding the classes in our Centre please contact us.


Offer for children and infants

The development of a human being is exceptionally dynamic in the first months of his life. It is marked by acquiring and perfecting various psychomotor skills which enable the child’s self-reliant functioning. The child’s personality is being shaped.

It happens that the child’s development does not always meet its parents or guardians’ expectations. Developmental difficulties can involve different developmental spheres: motor, cognitive, emotional or communication. The sooner they are spotted, the better is the chance of levelling any possible failures or difficulties in the later years.

“Wyspa” [“The Island”] Therapy Centre is a place where our pupils will be able to make the fullest use of their developmental potential with the help of the experienced therapists and specialists.

Our activities involve in the first place:Developmental Therapy for children and infants, Treatment of Scoliosis and Faulty Postures, Osteopathy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Psychiatric and Psychological Assistance for Children and their Families, Logopedic (Speech Therapy) and Neurologopedic Therapy and Pedagogic Therapy.

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Offer for adults

Our earliest activity was focused on working with Children and Infants. Then, we found it crucial to prepare an offer of therapies aimed at the Families and Parentsin a way that supports them in the pedagogic-therapeutic process, which remarkably contributes to the level of the functioning of our youngest patients.

Along with the development of our Centre we would also like to propose you an Offer for Adults.

This is not a proposition only for Parents but for All Persons who struggle with problems regarding locomotor organs (for example pain in the spine, post-traumatic and postsurgical conditions), and who need psychological support.

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About trainings and workshops

Trainings for professionals are the essential part of the functioning of WYSPA [THE ISLAND].

We focus on trainingswithin the broadly understood field of stimulation of child’s and teenager’s development, as well as the holistic approach where the cooperation between specialists of different areas is a priority.

The main course of trainings are trainings within the field ofBobath concept, sensory integration, early diagnostics of developmental retardation (Prechtl’s method/ General Movements Assessment, as well as TIMP – Test of Infants Motor Performance), elastic therapeutic tape and soft tissue therapy, logopedics, pedagogy and early stimulation of the psychomotor development.

The philosophy of the holistic perception of the child development within Bobath concept is especially familiar to us, that is why the majority of trainings and workshops offer involves this field. We organise basic trainings, “baby” – infants and toddlers therapy, as well as developing ones, all of them are certified by EBTA European Bobath Tutors Association.

We cooperate with Polish and foreign teachers.

The training offer is aimed at professionals of different fields:

physiotherapists, physicians, speech therapists, pedagogues, occupational therapists but are also in the workshop form for parents and guardians.

We hope that you will find subjects particularly important for you in our offer.


About the Fund

”Wyspa Skarbów” [Treasure Island]is an organisation which operates in the sphere of health protection and education, whose main goal is to provide aid for the sick and disabled Children.

Since 2017 the Fund has been trying, in the most optimal way, to prepare its pupils for an independent life in the community, apart from psychological assistance it also organises a financial support for Families and Guardians. Our Pupils are mostly Children with cerebral palsy, various malformations and illnesses difficult to cure.

“Wyspa Skarbów” [Treasure Island]cooperates with Wyspa [Island]Therapy Centre which provides multi-specialized comprehensive rehabilitation for Children at risk of abnormal psychomotor development.

Wyspa [Island]Therapy Centre is a place where our Pupils can make use of their developmental potential in the best way possible with the help of experienced specialists, and where Parents can find answers to the most burning questions regarding not only their Child’s development, but also their own development as Parents.

When We work?

mon – fri 8-19
sat 10-15
sun closed

Where are We?

Kartuska 214, 80-122 Gdańsk



tel 800 700 600

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